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What is Chemo Brain Recovery?

In most studies done on chemo brain, medical science has looked at the indications of cell damage, shrinkage of white and grey matter within the brain and possible hormone imbalances as causes of PCCI. (post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment)

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Frequenty Asked Questions

What causes chemo-brain?

Although the exact causes of chemo brain are (as of yet) unclear, new studies being published show strong evidence of bio-electrical imbalances within the brain itself.

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Chemo-brain, also called post chemo cognitive impairment is a set of symptoms that causes severe problems in everyday life.

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How Does Neurofeedback for Chemo-Brain Work?

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Patient Stories: Struggling With PCCI

  • NYT: Living With Cancer: Brains on Chemo

    204 February 2014

    Over the past few months, a number of headlines in The New York Times have stumped me. Tomatoes Have Devastated American Indian Families in Oklahoma U.S. Workers Are Grounded by Deep Cats Wall Saint Banks Woo Children of Chinese Leaders Of course, those weren’t actually the headlines The Times had written. But why am I […]

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Media Reports on Chemo Brain

  • After Chemotherapy: The Scientist

    145 March 2014

    When my mother was treated for inflammatory breast cancer 20 years ago, I watched as she forgot appointments, where she had put her keys, and whether or not she had taken her medications. Once she even put a chicken still in its wrapping into the oven and didn’t realize the mistake until the plastic began […]

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Latest News on Chemo Brain and Neurofeedback

  • Cleveland Clinic: Neurofeedback Improves ‘Chemo Brain’ in Cancer Patients

    204 February 2014

    (Cleveland, Ohio) — Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy, has the potential to reduce or even reverse the cognitive impairment associated with chemotherapy, according to the results of a pilot study. Patients using neurofeedback showed significant improvement, over the course of 3 testing phases, in cognitive function, quality of life, perceived impairment, use […]

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Current Studies on Chemo Brain

  • Study Finds Scientific Basis for ‘Chemo Brain’ in Breast Cancer Patients

    204 February 2014

    While breast cancer patients often report difficulties with memory, concentration and other cognitive functions following treatment, there’s been a debate in the medical community as to whether this mental fogginess is psychosomatic or a symptom of changes in brain function. Now, a new study has shown a correlation between poorer performance on neuropsychological tests and […]

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